Reboot Realme 9i to Emergency DownLoad Mode

The best and simple way to Reboot Realme 9i to Emergency Download Mode (EDL Mode). learn How to Reboot Realme 9i to qcom 9008 emergency download mod or EDL Mod, on this page we share a fully tested method to reboot Realme 9i to EDL Mod without using a test point.

How to Reboot Realme 9i to Emergency Download Mode (EDL Mode)

  • Install QCOM driver on your computer
  • reboot phone to recovery mod (turn the phone off together press volume down & power key)
  • In the recovery menu select English
  • connect the phone to the computer using USB cable
  • not repeated click on the bottom recovery version text
  • from the ‘Go to download mod’ popup select OK
  • done, check device manager for 9008 USB COM


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