Realme GT NEO 3/150W Gets Realme UI 5.0 Early Access on Android 14

Realme published the Realme UI 5.0 Early Access program roadmap for the list of eligible smartphones earlier this month, and verified that the Realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3 150W will have early access to Realme UI 5.0. Smartphones will be the next in line. Realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3 150W users are now invited to test Realme UI 5.0 Early Access features and changes ahead of the official release.

It should be noted that the Android 14-based Realme UI 5.0 Early Access program is only available in India for a limited number of Realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3 150W users. However, the brand will quickly extend to additional users in eligible countries. Notably, in China, the Realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3 150W have already gotten the Android 14 early access upgrade.

Furthermore, applications will be accepted in phases beginning October 31, 2023, and only a limited number of users will be able to participate. If you own a Realme GT Neo 3 or GT Neo 3 150W gadget and wish to join in this beta program, you must act quickly since once the seats are filled, you will not be able to register. As a result, before registering your device, ensure that it has been upgraded to the relevant UI version:

Update Your Device To The Required UI Version.

  • Realme GT Neo 3
    • RMX3561_13.1.0.720(EX01) or RMX3561_13.1.0.730(EX01)
  • Realme GT Neo 3 150W
    • RMX3563_13.1.0.720(EX01) or RMX3563_13.1.0.730(EX01)

The Early Access program allows Realme GT Neo 3 and GT Neo 3 150W users to taste the new Android 14 software before others. Finally, concerned device owners will get a chance to inspect the latest upgrade and check out the interesting features ahead of its major rollout.

Realme UI 5.0 Early Access What’s New:

Security and privacy:

  • Improves photo and video-related permission management for safer access by apps.

Performance optimization:

  • Improves system stability, the launch speed of apps, and the smoothness of animations.

Smart and efficiency:

  • Improves cloud photo service by Google Photos.

System Improvement:

  • Adding more apps that support APP Cloner, while expanding the list of APP Cloner.
  • Media Output is set in Control Center for a long term.

Updated Design:

  • Brings a natural, gentle, and clearer color style for a more comfortable color experience.
  • Adds certain ringtones and revamps the system notification sounds.
  • Improves system animations by making them even smoother.


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