Realme 10 Series

Realme 10 Series is the latest, Realme has a large range of smartphones in all price ranges, and the most affordable and budget phone series are popular among customers. Realme intends to release another update to its well-known Realme series. Every year, Realme introduces an improved version, such as the Realme 7 series, Realme 8 series, Realme 9 series, and now the Realme 10 series.

This Realme number series has been the most popular since its inception, and millions of smartphones of this Realme number series are sold each year. It is expected to be released in the last week of this month.

And giving proof of this, a famous tipster @yabhishekhd tweeted on Twitter, ‘Realme 10 series launching soon‘. This news raised the buzz among Realme fans and made them very much curious. If this is launched in the coming few weeks then, definitely it will break all the past records of soldering smartphones and will create history again

To add to your enthusiasm, Realme recently held a poll in which it questioned which display consumers preferred in the Realme 10 series FHD 120Hz AMOLED Flat display or 90Hz curved display. As a result, the FHD 120Hz AMOLED Flat display received the most votes in the survey. This poll details and results were also shared by famous Android tipster Abhishek Yadav, @yabhishekhd. In a tweet, he stated, “We want to know from you! 


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