Pixel 8 Pro Gets First AI Core App Upgrade

Google debuted the current Pixel 8 series a few months ago, and now it is rolling out an upgrade to a new Google application called AI Core.

Google is releasing a new upgrade to the Google app called AI Core, but only for Pixel 8 Pro devices for the time being.Owners of the Pixel 8 Pro are getting an update for a new Google App called AI Core.

This service is in charge of powering AI-driven features across Android, allowing them to be upgraded, and providing AI capabilities to other applications.

According to rumors, AI Core has been available on Pixel smartphones and larger-screen devices such as tablets since the first Android upgrade. Notably, this is the application’s first official update.

The update is now generally available for application versions ranging from 0. release.539035001 to 0. release.582652206.

In addition, the firm is already broadly distributing the first update for all Pixel 8 Pro devices running the stable and beta (QPR1 + QPR2) releases.

The AI Core plays a crucial role in providing AI-powered experiences to Pixel 8 Pro owners. Automatic scene detection for the user’s camera, improved Google Assistant responses, and more personalized recommendations are all powered by the AI core.

This new unique AI Core update is also in charge of handling the on-device AI models that power features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur.

Notably, these models are regularly upgraded to increase their performance, and AI core guarantees that the latest models are installed on their device.

In addition, while Pixel 8 Pro customers will undoubtedly visit the Google Play Store to install this update, owners should also receive the AI Core upgrade automatically within the next few days.

With this upgrade, the device is able to provide a more fluid, faultless, and intelligent user experience, thanks to Google’s latest AI developments.


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