OxygenOS 13.1 O Relax Feature Added

OxygenOS 13.1 O Relax Feature Added

At a launch event in India earlier this month, OnePlus unveiled OxygenOS 13.1, along with the OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite. The most recent OxygenOS version has cutting-edge and effective features made to improve user experience and facilitate work. The business has also included the O Relax function, a personal meditation room, in OxygenOS 13.1.

The Chinese tech giant is continually making improvements to its operating system, which aims to keep your gadget current without causing any problems. The latest innovations, performance stability, and device connectivity are the main priorities of OxygenOS 13.1. With the OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite, OnePlus not only made enhancements but also added a new OxygenOS 13.1 Relax mode.

OxygenOS 13.1 O Relax Feature:

The Relax Mode in OxygenOS 13.1 offers a superb atmosphere for meditation. With these features, you may set aside some time to take in the soothing noises that can help you reduce stress, get a better night’s sleep, and concentrate. With “Listen,” “Unwind,” and “Explore,” you can discover the best way to unwind.

OS 13.1 Oxygen:

OnePlus smartphones are currently getting OxygenOS 13.1, according to OnePlus. Your OnePlus device now has a few additional features thanks to this incremental update, which arrives before the Android 14 release. Championship Mode and music playback controls for Game Assistant are just two of the new features and customization options that OnePlus will be providing for your OnePlus device with the most recent custom skin release.

Additionally, it redefined the personalization details, added the new ColorOS for more open connections, and reimagined the Zen Space app with Deep Zen and Light Zen to help you focus on the present. It might include intelligent cross-device support.


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