OPPO is developing 300W SuperVOOC rapid charging.

According to recent reports, OPPO is hard at work on a whole new fast-charging solution that may be able to compete with the 300W charging technology that Redmi introduced back in February.

A trustworthy source named DigitalChatStation claims that the new solution is now in the process of being developed and will be combined with a 4,450mAh battery. (4,600mAh battery typical). If it goes into production, the new SuperVOOC solution would be the industry’s quickest smartphone charger, surpassing even Redmi’s 300W Immortal Second Charger in terms of power output.

The concept of fast charging refers not only to the rate at which the battery may be charged but also to the technology’s capacity to control heat and maintain a constant current. Unlike Redmi’s 300-watt charging solution, which could only hit 290 watts for about 3 seconds, OPPO’s SuperVOOC is anticipated to maintain the same pace at least until the battery reaches 80 percent, while Redmi’s solution could only reach 290 watts for approximately 3 seconds. Even though the new SuperVOOC solution’s release date has not been disclosed just yet, it is anticipated that it will be made public before the year comes to a close.

At this time, the Realme GT 3, which claims a charging rate of 240W, is the world’s quickest phone that is commercially accessible to the general public. On the other hand, Infinix has just introduced a brand new charging mechanism called 260W All-Round FastCharge, which is now the second-fastest available on the market.

The innovative fast-charging solution that OPPO has developed has the potential to be a game-changer on the market, particularly if it is able to keep its pace up until the battery reaches its maximum capacity.


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