OPPO Enco R2 has been Launched For $50

The OPPO Enco R2 has been officially announced in China. This will take place simultaneously with the release of the OPPO Reno10 series. As of the 24th of May, it is unknown whether or not these brand new true wireless earbuds will be made available in any market around the world. Once they are available for purchase, we will let you know about it. Because the OPPO Reno10 series will be distributed all over the world, we anticipate that these earbuds will also be distributed all over the world. In China, the OPPO Enco R2 can be purchased for 349 CNY, which is approximately 50 USD.

OPPO Enco R2 Specs

OPPO Enco R2 is available in a gold color option, with the model numbers ETE81 for the earphones and ETE82 for the charging case. Both of these items have the same model name. According to OPPO, the new Hi-Fi Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in the earbuds offers an increase in processing power that is approximately 2500% higher than its predecessor. When compared to earlier iterations of OPPO earphones, this enhancement results in a sound that is more distinct. The earphones utilize Hi-Fi 5 and have drivers that measure 13.4 millimeters.

OPPO Enco R2 has been Launched For $50

The OPPO Enco R2 is compatible with Bluetooth 5.3 and enables connections with two different devices at the same time. The OPPO Enco R2 has a quick charging time of only ten minutes, which results in approximately two hours of listening time. A battery with a capacity of 27 mAh is included in each of the earphones. Additionally, the earbuds have an IP54 certification, which means that they are resistant to moisture from sweat and water.

The OPPO Enco R2 is capable of playing back audio in AAC or SBC format, and it can make phone calls using CVSD and MSBC codecs. OPPO also developed a unique software feature that is exclusive to phones branded with the OPPO name. When the earbuds are connected to the phone, a pop-up window appears.


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