OPPO ColorOS 13 AOD Feature Customization Explained

This time, ColorOS has improved several aspects of its UI, making it more appealing and functional. ColorOS 13 AOD Feature is a major feature; everyone uses this capability, but not with this type of enhancement feature.

ColorOS 13 AOD Feature Ability has been increased and a few new features have been added to Android 13, which is based on ColorOS 13. As you are aware, AOD is essential in several aspects, including battery conservation, displaying the date and time, and providing notifications while your phone is locked.

This time, it will do a little more; you can configure and add various features using the ColorOS 13 AOD Feature customization function. It gives you control over your source of entertainment. Spotify integration enables you to control the song’s play/pause, next/recent, and other features. For Indian food enthusiasts, an India-centric feature has been included that can make India users, i.e., users can check the Zomato and Swiggy order status such as Order approved, Order picked up, rider location in a single line map on AOD, and Delivered. Surprisingly, you can do all of the above without waking up full screen or unlocking your phone’s screen.

Bitmoji in the ColorOS 13 AOD Feature is added, which makes your AOD display attractive and entertaining. Including all this, there are other types of animations are like like it shows the temperature.

Insight Always-On Display Blossom wallpaper was added, which helps you to keep an eye on the usage, and it visualizes the growth of a plant on the wallpaper indicating how much time you have spent on your phone staring at or using it.


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