Oppo Art Plus Stock Wallpapers

Oppo Art Plus Stock Wallpapers

In this post, you will be able to download Oppo Art Plus Stock wallpapers, We have made sure to provide the HD quality that was extracted from professional designers who partnered with Oppo to create some aesthetic static wallpapers for Oppo smartphones.


The Oppo Art Plus wallpapers on this page have not lost any pixels during wallpaper extraction, Today, you can Download all the Oppo Art+ static Wallpapers for your smartphone’s home screen or lock screen in its full resolution.

Introducing the Oppo Art Plus Stock Wallpapers.

The Oppo ColorOS 7 bring a dozen Art+ static wallpapers to Oppo smartphones. But, in the past few months, the company has expanded its collection of wallpapers tremendously. Now, the collection has a total of 60+ gorgeous-looking static wallpapers. Luckily, all the wallpapers of Oppo Art+ are now available to download in full-resolution (1080 X 2340 pixels resolution).

Display Specs of the Oppo Art Plus

Screen size (inches)All
Resolution1080 x 2460 pixels
Aspect ratioAll
Pixels per inch (PPI)

Please note the tabular information provided above is for all smartphones out there,

Below are some few samples added to give the idea of what the Oppo Art Plus Wallpapers look like

Downloads Oppo Art Plus Stock Wallpapers


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