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OnePlus Tablets Set to Get Open Canvas Multitasking Features

OnePlus Tablets Set to Get Open Canvas Multitasking Features

The global launch of the OnePlus Open foldable phone occurred last month. It comes pre-installed with Android 14-based OxygenOS 14. The phone has great hardware and software. An impressive feature of the OnePlus Open is the Open Canvas, which enhances multitasking. The business has announced that their tablets will get this capability.

OnePlus Tablets Set to Get Open Canvas

OnePlus recently had an AMA session on Reddit (first discovered by an X user), in which the company allowed everyone to ask questions about the OnePlus Open foldable phone. Mingyu Zheng, the company’s social media manager, said that they had received multiple inquiries concerning the Open Canvas option. The executive went on to say that the company is working on it and that it will be available on the OnePlus Pad. However, it is unclear whether the multitasking capability would be accessible on the more affordable OnePlus Pad Go.

The OnePlus Open foldable phone has an unusual multitasking feature called the Open Canvas. It allows users to go back and forth between three apps in split-screen mode. Two apps can be displayed side by side, with the third app available in full-screen mode with a tap or slide. Depending on the use scenario, apps can also be resized to full-screen or compact mode. When the OnePlus Open’s huge 7.82-inch display is unfolded, the feature seeks to improve productivity.

With an 11.61-inch screen, the OnePlus Pad’s multitasking capability will be more beneficial. As a result, it makes sense for the company to include the Open Canvas functionality in their tablets.


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