OnePlus System Launcher Update New Improvements

The OnePlus System Launcher opens a slew of new and exciting features. It is pre-installed on all OnePlus devices running OxygenOS. As of now, the business has begun to distribute a new update for the OnePlus System Launcher, version 13.1.01.

The most recent upgrade of the OnePlus System Launcher, according to the information, delivers general enhancements for OnePlus smartphones. Furthermore, the package includes patches for a variety of issues to improve the user experience.

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OnePlus System Launcher is the official launcher program that lets you easily personalize the look of your smartphone by creating folders, installing widgets, and changing icon packs. A new update to the OnePlus system launcher software adds compatibility for Android 13-based OxygenOS 13.

OnePlus System Launcher for Android 13 (OxygenOS 13)

The Chinese tech business is making improvements to the app’s stability and performance with the latest update. Aside from that, this version includes a new user interface. However, the update package contains no new features or modifications and just improves performance.

The most important thing about this update is that it makes the OnePlus System Launcher app work with Android 13. This means that when OxygenOS 13 is updated, the app won’t crash or stop. Check out the full list of changes below to learn more.

 New- features

  • New User Interface
  • Support Android 13
  • General Bugs Fixed

Version 13.1.0 of the OnePlus System Launcher is a new fix that was put out by OnePlus. It works with OxygenOS 11 as well as OxygenOS 13. The most recent fix has a version number of v13.1.0 and is about 35.25MB in size.

If you want your system launcher app to work better, you should get the latest version as soon as possible. Notably, the most recent update works with devices that have Android 11 or higher. But you can also use the APK link below to get the latest version of this app installed right away.

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