Zen Mode was a highlight of Oxygen OS on previous OnePlus smartphones. This app forces you to look around by locking your phone with your consent. It felt good to disconnect from your phone and all its always-online personalities. OnePlus discreetly redesigned and added features to Zen Mode with the Nord CE 3 Lite launch.

Some_Random_Username on the OnePlus forum revealed the latest Zen Mode app and its revamp. In its v13.1.9 update, Zen Space got a new icon to reflect its rebranding.

The app’s basic functionality changed the most. Zen Mode previously locked your phone and disabled most features for the time you set. The camera can only take pictures and make emergency calls. The update adds Deep Zen and Light Zen modes.

OnePlus silently updated Zen Mode

Zen Mode users will recognize Deep Zen as the old lockdown feature. Updated Light Zen. This setting allows Light Zen apps to work. If you need to use apps outside your approved list, exit the mode. You can set a softer limit to work without distractions without significantly limiting your phone use.

Light Zen has work and study presets. The Work-Life Balance function determines which apps remain. Choose your own.

Zen Space now has new themes, a greater choice of time lengths, and an Always On Display that shows Zen progress. Achievement medals and a dashboard with weekly numbers are new.

Zen Mode

Strangely, OnePlus didn’t emphasize a major update to one of its highlights. Many people overlook Zen Mode and Zen Space, yet they’re useful to those who employ them.

The OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite (expected to launch in the US as the Nord N30) has the upgraded Zen Space app. OnePlus owners should receive the Play Store update soon.


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