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Oneplus smartphones to stop receiving OxygenOS major software updates

Oneplus smartphones to stop receiving OxygenOS major software updates

OnePlus announced its OxygenOS 14 open beta schedule for a wider range of devices that will also receive the beta software in the coming months. The OnePlus Pad, the Nord 3 5G, and the OnePlus 11R will be the first devices to receive the beta in October, followed by the OnePlus 9 series and outdated phones such as the Nord 2 and CE series in November. Consequently, a large number of OnePlus smartphones, some of which are quite popular, will not receive these Major OxygenOS updates.

OnePlus OxygenOS Update Policy:

In July 2021, OnePlus confirmed its new device portfolio update policy. Starting with the OnePlus 8 series, flagship devices will now receive three main Android OS updates and four years of security updates. In addition, OnePlus Nord and Nord CE devices will receive three years of security patches and two significant OS updates.

In December 2022, the company expanded its OxygenOS update policy to include four key Android upgrades and five years of security patches for select flagship models in 2023.

To return to the topic at hand, the Chinese tech giant must push such devices to the end of significant software updates, as these software products are frequently incompatible with certain smartphones due to their obsolete and incompatible mechanisms.

Some flagship models are omitted from the Oxygen-OS 14 open beta schedule, signifying that these devices will not receive the forthcoming Android-based flagship OxygenOS. This article lists the devices that will not receive any significant software updates until later this year, but will receive monthly security updates.

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 & Android 14 won’t be available for these smartphones:

  1. OnePlus 8
  2. OnePlus 8 Pro
  3. OnePlus Nord 2
  4. OnePlus Nord CE 2
  5. OnePlus Nord CE 5G
  6. OnePlus Nord N200 5G

OxygenOS 14 Stable Launch:

OnePlus has confirmed the list of devices that will receive the Oxygen-OS 14 update, as mentioned previously. Some flagships will begin receiving the beta update in October, while others will receive it in November. The flagship OnePlus 11 5G will be the first device to receive the stable Oxygen-OS 14 update when it launches in mid-November.


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