OnePlus Phone App Gets update to Version 13.7.15

OnePlus Phone App Gets update to Version 13.6.12

OnePlus, like Google, has its own Phone app that allows users of its devices to make phone calls. Until Google made the Google Dialer and Messaging app mandatory, it was the default app on every OnePlus smartphone. You can use the app to answer calls and see who is calling you.

Because so many OnePlus users are now using the OnePlus Phone application, the Chinese company is constantly updating it. The OnePlus Phone app recently received an update with the V13.6.12 version.

As always, this new update improves your application in general and provides a more reliable user experience. Furthermore, it addresses some bugs and issues that have an impact on the user’s experience.

Notably, the new update for OnePlus phones is compatible with OnePlus devices running Android 11 and above. Although there are no new features or changes in the update package, you will definitely get a better usability experience after updating.

The OnePlus Phone 13.6.12 update comes with an updated package size of 10.33MB. Since the size is not very large, you can use your mobile data to download it from APKMirror. Also, you can download it from the link given below.

Download link:

OnePlus Phone app is getting a December 2022 update with version 13.7.15. The new update brings some common bug fixes for better performance. The installation package size of this update is 12.94MB.

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