OnePlus Pad Gets Oxygen 13.1 Update, Adds Multi-Screen Connect To Flagship

A major software update for the OnePlus Pad, the company’s flagship device, has recently begun rolling out. This update improves the system’s functionality and adds support for Multi-Screen Connect. Since its international release in February 2023, this update is the first major one for the OnePlus Pad.

The initial French language update for OnePlus Pad users has begun rolling out. New safeguards and bug fixes have been integrated into the program. In addition, it prioritizes strengthening the handset’s overall performance efficiency and dependability.

The most recent version of OxygenOS, OPD2203_13.1.0.544 (EX01), is apparently being rolled out to the OnePlus Pad. The 714MB update is a security patch that can be downloaded using standard mobile data plans. Changes to the system and the addition of two new features are included in the update. Let’s discuss the brand-new options:

OnePlus Pad Gets Oxygen 13.1 Update, Adds Multi-Screen Connect To Flagship


OnePlus Pad First Update: What’s New:

According to the changelog, this latest update brings support for Multi-Screen Connect, which allows users to connect to multiple screens, and a convenient feature that enables quick access to the Quick Notes panel using a stylus.

Moreover, The new firmware version improves the stability of stylus connections, touch control experience, gaming experience, and system stability. Furthermore, this update also fixes some known issues that affect the Photos app. For more information, check the full changelog below.



  • Adds support for Multi-Screen Connect.
  • You can now quickly bring up the Quick Note panel with your stylus.
  • Improves the stability of stylus connections.
  • Improves touch control experience.
  • Improves system stability.
  • Improves gaming experience.
  • Fixes some known issues that affect Photos.

For starters, OnePlus is rolling out this incremental update for the OnePlus Pad in batches. Therefore, there may be a few days delay in the overall update delivery. In the meantime, keep checking the Update section of your device for the availability of a new version.



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