OnePlus OxygenOS 13 Android 13 Minimum Hardware Requirement

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 Android 13 Minimum Hardware Requirement

Some smartphones will not receive Android 13 if their specifications do not meet the requirements of Android 13. Yes, you are correct but don’t worry. First and foremost, comprehend the news and why smartphones are refusing to update.

OnePlus OxygenOS 13 Android 13 Requirement

According to the report, android 13 will not be compatible with smartphones with less than 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

In this case, if users have smartphones with less than the specified specifications, they must upgrade in order to experience Android 13.

However, OnePlus users do not need to be concerned because OnePlus does not have a single smartphone with less than 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM; all OnePlus smartphones have more than 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

And if smartphones fall under the new policy, they will undoubtedly receive the update. OnePlus’ flagship devices receive three years of significant updates and four years of security patch updates.

As a result, the news about the OnePlus smartphone does not fall under this category. You can relax and enjoy the upcoming Android 13-based OxygenOS 13, which includes features such as AOD, ZEN mode, and much more.


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