OnePlus Open Gets Green Line Issuse Users Report

A lot of phones have been experiencing green line issues recently, and OnePlus’ newly launched flagship foldable smartphone, the OnePlus Open, has also joined the list. Several users have reported experiencing green line issues, as well as some dead pixels in the hinge area of their Open.

OnePlus’ other devices, including the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 9, started to display green lines on their respective OLED panels shortly after updating to the OxygenOS 13 stable update, so despite having many great features, the OnePlus Open has also experienced green line issues.

OnePlus Open Gets Green Line Issuse Users Report

Surprisingly, X (Twitter) tipster Abhishek Yadav has reported that there are now reports of black lines, which are dead pixels close to the hinge area. He wrote on Reddit, “Reddit user reported black and green lines on the display of the OnePlus Open (Fold).”

Meanwhile, in addition to the green line, users have reported dead pixels near the hinge area, resulting in a very annoying experience in which they are unable to use the display on their foldable device properly. However, the OnePlus Open comes pre-installed with the OxygenOS 13 version, and users have reported experiencing green line issues after updating their device to the OxygenOS 13 stable firmware.

Therefore, it appears that software issues are to blame for the green line; however, OnePlus has not yet acknowledged the green and black line issues. Surprisingly, these issues arise only a few weeks after the company was forced to implement a free lifetime screen warranty for its customers. Furthermore, OnePlus has not provided a solution to the problem, so users are only left with the option of rushing to the service center.


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