OnePlus Nord 2T OxygenOS 14 Open Beta Released

OnePlus plans to release the stable version of the OxygenOS 14 update for the flagship OnePlus 11 smartphones in mid-November, with further eligible devices receiving it gradually later this year or next. The Oxygen-OS 14 Open beta upgrade is now being extended to another Nord series handset, the OnePlus Nord 2T.

Last month, the OnePlus Nord 2T joined the Oxygen-OS 14 beta program, which includes a slew of new features and upgrades. This version offers improvements to performance, Aquamorphic design, user care, security, and privacy. The official OnePlus OxygenOS 14 changelog and features can be found here.

New Features for OxygenOS 14 Open Beta OnePlus Nord 2T :

According to the official changelog, the OxygenOS 14 Open Beta version improves Google Photos’ cloud photo capabilities. In terms of security and privacy, this update improves photo and video permission management for safe app access.

Concerning the new design enhancements, this update enhances Aquamorphic Design with a natural, delicate, and clearer color style for a more comfortable color experience. It also includes Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and a redesign of the system notification sounds. For further information, see the official OnePlus Oxygen-OS 14 changelog and features listed below.

OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1: Known Issues:

Although Oxygen-OS 14 Open Beta 1 includes a number of improvements and innovations, it is important to note a few known flaws, such as the lock screen charging animation disappearing and only appearing when the charger is put in for the first time. Furthermore, the music output card in the Control Center will not disappear or be turned off automatically.

OxygenOS 14 Changelog: All new features & changes

Security and privacy:

  • Improves photo and video-related permission management for safer access by apps.

Performance optimization:

  • Improves system stability, the launch speed of apps, and the smoothness of animations.

Aquamorphic Design:

  • Upgrades Aquamorphic Design with a natural, gentle, and clearer color style for a more comfortable color experience.
  • Adds Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and revamps the system notification sounds.

User Care:

  • Adds a carbon tracking AOD that visualizes the carbon emissions you avoid by walking instead of driving.

How to apply for OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1?

To apply and experience the new beta program, the OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1 for OnePlus Nord 2T, go to Settings >> About Device >> Click on Up to Date >> Hit the three dots icon on the top right >> Beta program and then simply follow the on-screen instructions to apply.


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