OnePlus File Manager Gets Updated V13.10.4

The OnePlus File Manager manages and organizes all of the user’s files on the OnePlus smartphone in a manner that is analogous to that of a computer’s File Explorer. The apps that OnePlus develops receive regular updates in order to ensure that they remain stable.

The OnePlus File Manager app will receive an update in May 2023 with version 13.10.4, according to the release notes. The most recent update addresses a few bugs that were previously discovered and were slowing down the performance of the file manager on OnePlus devices.

The update to the OnePlus File Manager app comes with a 25.05-megabyte installation package and is being released by the Chinese technology giant OnePlus.

  • Download OnePlus File Manager 13.10.4 Update: APKMirror

OnePlus File Manager

The OnePlus File Manager app is the best one to use if you want to easily manage your storage space. This is the official app for OnePlus smartphones, and it comes pre-installed on all of those devices. You can search for files more quickly using this app, which is both free and safe, by browsing through different categories, such as file type, downloads, recently used files, and large files.

In addition, you can assign a password or fingerprint to files in the Lockbox in order to safeguard confidential information and check the amount of available storage space with just a quick glance on a straightforward dashboard. On the other hand, you are able to view any and all files stored in the system’s internal drives and storage.




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