OnePlus Clipt App Is Shutting Down Backup Your Data Now

OnePlus is working hard to test OxygenOS 14, an operating system based on Android 14, for its smartphones. The stable version is expected to be released around the middle of November. However, the massive Chinese tech company has closed down a few of its apps. With effect from September 30, 2023, OnePlus announced that it will be discontinuing the Clipt – C/P Across Devices application without any previous notice. This implies that the OnePlus Clip app will no longer be able to be downloaded as of right now.

Clipt, A OnePlus app – Made OneLab By OnePlus:

Remember! With the help of the OnePlus software Clipt, you can sync your clipboard between your laptop and phone to transmit files, photographs, movies, and text messages safely and effortlessly. More than 90,000 people use it, it’s used in 200 countries, more than 1,000 news stories have covered it, and more than 12 million pieces of data have been shared.

With Clipt, you may send a password code from your phone to the computer, copy and paste content from one device to another, and transfer images and movies from your Android smartphone to your laptop (Mac or PC). can transfer text between devices, manage files on your laptop and phone, and do a lot more.

OnePlus Clipt App Is Shutting Down:

OnePlus said that it was no longer supporting Clipt, citing “recent changes” and “internal policy” as justifications. The Chinese corporation did, however, affirm that users of the program need to make a backup of their data, and they also state that your account information will be removed from our systems as of right now.

In the meantime, the business has expressed its gratitude for your support and wishes to work with you once more in the future.

Additionally, the brand said, “We’re happy that you’ve enjoyed using our app.” Unfortunately, we must notify you that we will no longer be providing this service after September 30, 2023, as a result of recent changes within the firm. By this date, you must have a backup of your data. After that day, your account information will also be removed from our systems. We are grateful for your support and look forward to the chance to work with you once more in the future.


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