OnePlus Buds App Gets Updated to V4.1.300 – Download

OnePlus Buds App Gets Updated to V4.1.300

The interaction of the OnePlus Buds app between OnePlus smartphones and our newly introduced true wireless headset is linked to a number of system settings. The company provides regular updates to make the OnePlus Buds app more stable and optimized to ensure a smooth experience.

The Chinese tech giant has released a new update for the OnePlus Buds app, version 4.1.300.

The update includes significant improvements to improve reliability. The company strengthens the OnePlus Buds with the latest update to provide the best experience to users.

OnePlus Buds:

The OnePlus Buds App comes pre-installed on the OnePlus device and allows you to update and configure the OnePlus TWS firmware. You can connect the OnePlus TWS to smartphones using this app via a dedicated pop-up window. You can also check the battery level of the headset and headset box, as well as quickly locate earphones.

OnePlus Buds App V4.1.300 Update:

The OnePlus Buds app has been updated to version 4.1.300, which brings overall performance improvements for a better user experience. It also fixed some bugs and issues that were affecting the user experience during this time. Despite the lack of a changelog, it will undoubtedly improve the overall user experience.

According to the information, the OnePlus Buds Update 4.1.300 app update has been released with a 39.67MB download apk size. In addition, the most recent update for the OnePlus Phone app requires Android 11 or later.

If you want to install the most recent version of the OnePlus Buds, go to the Google Play Store. You can also get this update by clicking on the link below.

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