OnePlus 8T Owners Can Join OxygenOS 14 Closed Beta

The OnePlus 9R has already received the Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 closed beta update, and now it’s time for the OnePlus 8T. Yes! OxygenOS 14 closed beta testing for the OnePlus 8T has been announced by OnePlus. As a result, owners of this device now have the ability to test OxygenOS 14 ahead of time. Let’s look more closely at this CBT program.

For the time being, the brand is only announcing the OxygenOS 14 limited beta program in India, but the update will be available in more locations soon. Owners of the OnePlus 8T who are currently resident in India can simply sample OxygenOS 14 and provide comments and suggestions through this initiative.

Users must act quickly! The brand has established a quota of only 200 users for this promotion. Interested parties can apply for this program beginning November 13 and continuing until the maximum number of applications is met. Users must also guarantee that their phone has been upgraded to the detectable version, KB2001_13.1.0.582(EX01), before applying for the OxygenOS 14 limited beta program.

Known Issues

  • The corresponding online ringtones are not displayed on the Contact page.
  • The screen might flash when clicking to open the Weather card on the Shelf.
  • There is a stuttering issue when switching on the “Hide gesture guide bar” without transition animation.

The steps below allow users to apply for the Oneplus 8T OxygenOS 14 Closed Beta program:

Go to Settings >> About device >> Up to date >> Click the icon on the top right >> Beta program >> follow the instructions to apply. 

The update, along with new features, improvements, and changes, also includes some known issues, such as a stuttering issue while switching on the “Hide gesture guide bar” without transition animation.


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