OnePlus 11 Includes To List OxygenOS 13.1 TalkBack function

The official website for OnePlus announced that the latest version of OxygenOS,, includes several new features that have been made available for the OnePlus 11 as well as for older models.

Along with that, the OxygenOS 13.1 update for mobile devices also includes the TalkBack functionality. On Android-based devices, this functionality makes use of the screen reader developed by Google. It gives users the ability to operate their devices without having to look at them. The manufacturer of the phone determines how this feature should be configured.

OnePlus devices list for OxygenOS 13.1 update

  • Oneplus 11
  • OnePlus 11R
  • OnePlus 10 Pro
  • Oneplus 10T
  • OnePlus 9R
  • OnePlus 9 Pro
  • Oneplus 9
  • Oneplus 8
  • OnePlus 8 Pro

At last, this update’s first batch will have come in India, and in the next few days, they will bring more users.


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