One UI Watch 5 New Features Coming to Older Galaxy Watches

Wear OS 4, which is preloaded on the newly released Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and is based on One UI Watch 5, is an advance over earlier iterations of Samsung’s wearable operating system.

List Of One UI Watch 5 New Features

Heart Rate Zone Individualize:

The new Galaxy Watch 6 customizes heart rate for runners, with features like interval training and real-time running analysis. Users of such software will be able to view their workouts broken down into customizable “heart rate zones” based on their individual fitness levels.

Users can now see exactly where they need to go with the Galaxy Watch. Users can select from five different intensities: warm-up, fat-burning, cardio, hard training, and max effort.

Enhanced Sleep Tracking:

Now that the Galaxy Watch 6 is here with cutting-edge sleep technology, wearers can count on being given tips and advice on how to improve their nightly routines. Users’ heart rates, sleep stages, and oxygen levels can all be monetized in this way. The Galaxy Watch 6 will collect all of this information and present it in a way that makes it obvious to users what they should do to get better and where they should focus their efforts.


The coolest feature of the watch is that it has settings that help people relax and go sleep. For instance, when homeowners go to bed, Samsung’s smart home ecosystem turns off all the lights.

Transfers Get Simple:

With Wear OS 4, users no longer have to reset their watch before giving it to someone else. This implies that consumers can now connect to a new phone significantly quicker than before. Users no longer have to worry about erasing all of their smartwatch data. When the data transfer is finished, the user’s watch will have the same watch faces, app, and settings as before.

Improved Samsung Wallet:

Samsung Wallet is now ready for download on Wear OS 4 and brings with it a number of improvements and new features, like support for digital IDs and boarding permits. There are a few prerequisites. For instance, the Samsung Wallet app requires a Galaxy phone to be paired with a Samsung watch in order to function.

Automatic Backups:

Through Samsung’s SmartSwitch, the company is providing customers with automatic backups that can be customized to their needs. Additionally, customers’ backups are automatically saved in the cloud associated with their Samsung account for their convenience.

Background ECG Readings:

In addition, consumers can take advantage of the company’s automatic background ECGs, which will run invisibly in the background on their Galaxy Watch 6. The Galaxy Watch 6’s ECG app monitors heart rate for an entire hour, which includes measurements for arrhythmias.



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