One UI 6.0 New Update adds internal storage to My Files App.

Samsung is on the verge of releasing an Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update to all eligible devices. In comparison, the Galaxy S23 has already gotten a stable version of the One UI 6.0 update in select regions. With this new version, the brand introduces a slew of new features, enhancements, and modifications. The way internal storage capacity appears in the My Files program is the change that is most obvious as a result of this update.

It is speculated that Samsung will send a notification to Galaxy users via the Members app informing them that the My Files application, along with One UI 6.0, has been upgraded to display the actual storage in base 10, this time with binary notation changed to base 10 notation; for example, 1GB=1,000*1,000*1,000*1,000 bytes.

The brand stated in the notice that:

Changing the way the internal storage capacity is displayed in One UI 6.0″

For customers using versions prior to One UI 5.1, the storage capacity of the Galaxy series was computed in the My Files application via a binary system technique. The brand indicated that the modification is being implemented to reduce confusion and in response to customer demands.

According to the notification, there may be a variation in the capacity display between the My Files app that uses base 10 notation and the apps that utilize binary notation. At the moment, it appears that the brand will release the stable version of the One UI 6.0 upgrade very soon.



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