Download the offline installer for Windows 11 KB5027303 with moment 3

Windows 11 KB5027303, a public preview, is the first optional update containing Moment features like kernel troubleshooting, system tray seconds, and more.

KB5027303 The initial Windows 11 upgrade included “Moment” features. Right-clicking the system tray clock lets you hide the date and time.

Microsoft now allows right-clicking the system tray network icon to diagnose network issues. Many users will find network troubleshooting easier.

The Lock screen network flyout now matches Windows 11 design. Microsoft provided links to advanced network adapter and internet characteristics under options > Network & internet > Advanced network options.

Here is a step-by-step guide to install Moment 3 KB5027303 update:

  1. Open Start > Settings > Windows Update.
  2. Check for updates.
  3. Select ‘Download and install’ next to the KB update.
  4. Reboot the system.

Download Links for Windows 11 KB5027303

Windows 11 KB5026446 Direct Download Links: 64-bit.

To retrieve the update from the Microsoft Update Catalog, kindly click on the provided link and select the “Download” button beside the update listing within the catalog.

Windows 11 KB5027303 Moment 3 changelog

After installing the update, you can view Wi-Fi passwords for their known networks via Settings > Network & Internet> Wi-Fi and “Manage known networks”.

In response to user feedback, additional options have been added to the Data Usage page, allowing daily and weekly data limits. This feature will also display how much data limit has been exceeded.

To improve the wireless networking experience, Microsoft has also included an option to join Bluetooth Personal Area networks, accessible from Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Devices.

Improved Start menu uninstallation of Win32 software and wheel device settings like the Surface Dial better match Windows 11’s interface.

This update fixes bugs and improves speed. It fixes a registry compatibility issue and a lock-screen keyboard issue.

The Windows 11 Moment 3 optional update fixes Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) faults during gaming, video flickering in certain programmes, File Explorer (explorer.exe) issues, and audio streaming on select earphones.

Right-clicking a local file in the Recommended Start menu now works as expected.

The upgrade also improves cloud and integrated search suggestions for Simplified Chinese IME users.

The cloud suggestion adds Microsoft Bing’s most relevant term to the IME candidate box, while the integrated search suggestion delivers more Bing-like ideas.

Finally, high report rate mice boost computer speed, which can reduce game stutter for gamers. Microsoft is committed to delighting users everywhere.


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