New threads enable post notifications

New threads enable post notifications

An alternative to Twitter that focuses on text communication: Yes! We are, of course, referring to “Threads.” It’s hard to say whether or not the app is flawless, but its launch was rife with controversy, and millions of people signed up for threads within a matter of hours.

After this point, fixes for its issues and enhancements continued to be implemented. Yet another update has brought with it new functionality, this time allowing users to set up alerts for specific Threads they’re interested in following.

Adam Mosseri shared a post on Threads and mentioned that:

Calling out two new features we rolled out this week on Threads. For mobile: you can now follow a thread by turning on notifications for 24 hours. For web: you can now quote other posts in your threads.” 

From what has been said, it is apparent that the app has two new features, the first of which is notifications. Users can now enable notifications to keep up with a thread around the clock. However, this is only available to those with a smartphone.

Because Instagram has provided this notification option for so long, users are already familiar with it. When users opt in to receive notifications from the people they are following on Threads, they will be alerted whenever a new thread is created by anyone they are following. Additionally, nobody is ever informed whether a user has enabled or disabled notifications.

Users can quickly enable notifications by clicking the bell icon in the upper right corner of any thread. Users will also be alerted in the activity feed whenever they receive a response.

In addition, another improvement provides a novel capability for web surfers. They were previously unable to do so, but with the latest update to the Threads web client, they are now able to do so. Simply clicking the “repost” button at the end of a post will allow users to try out this new function. Select Quote after that.


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