MIUI Launcher Gets Updated to Version 4.39.9

New users of Xiaomi’s software often encounter difficulties navigating through the numerous options available to them. While certain aspects of the information provided may be comprehensible, others may prove perplexing and prone to misinterpretation.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the MIUI 14 Launcher features, offering detailed information to the best of our knowledge. If you encounter a situation where you are faced with an unfamiliar or unknown option, this article will provide you with the necessary information to address it.

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MIUI Launcher Update

The latest update of Xiaomi’s MIUI Launcher marks a notable stride in its alignment with the forthcoming MIUI 15 release. The latest update, version, introduces significant enhancements and refinements to the launcher, ensuring its compatibility with the highly anticipated features of MIUI 15. The key updates encompass

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Changelogs of Miui Launcher Version 4.39.9

  • Removal of Mi Space
  • Removal of global icon animations
  • A new feature that groups icons by color.

Get the MIUI Launcher V4.39.9.6586-07081608 version.



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