MIUI 14.1 will bring with it a new mode called “Hover Mode”

Soon Xiaomi will launch MIUI 14.1, an intermediate version that we will only see in higher-end smartphones and that, in addition to bringing with it the news of Android 14, will incorporate a new mode called “Hover”.

This has been made known to us by kacskrzwho has discovered this new Hover mode through the internal code of MIUI, which will also be thinking exclusively for the new folding devices that Xiaomi launches from now on.

This is the new Hover mode that Xiaomi will implement in MIUI 14.1

As we can see under these lines, the new Hover mode will be designed for Xiaomi folding devices. This divides the screen automatically, allowing you to use dedicated gestures in the lower half of it.

The objective of this new mode is to give us greater control over multimedia playback: in the upper part we would play the content and the lower half will serve us to control playback, pause, zoom, adjust the brightness, or even adjust the volume.


As we said, this new functionality or mode will be exclusive to MIUI 14.1 and will only be intended for the brand’s folding devices. Also, let’s remember that this update will also come to the Xiaomi 13 Series .



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