Microsoft teases Windows 12 to come With floating taskbar design

Microsoft is currently in the process of developing Windows 12, which is scheduled for release in the autumn of 2024. Following the initial launch, a broader distribution is planned for 2025. As part of their internal research and development efforts, Microsoft is exploring various innovative design concepts, one of which involves a novel desktop experience featuring a ‘floating’ taskbar. Microsoft is currently exploring the development of a visually appealing floating effect for the taskbar. This effect involves the deliberate separation of the taskbar from the desktop, resulting in a distinct visual distinction. Additionally, Microsoft aims to enhance the aesthetic appeal by introducing rounded edges to the taskbar.

The confirmation of Windows 12 by Microsoft is still pending, however, indications suggest that the release of this anticipated operating system is imminent, aligning with the current strategic roadmap of the company. If Microsoft adheres to its current engineering process, it is plausible that Windows 13 could be released in 2027 or subsequent years. However, it is important to note that the plans of this prominent technology company are susceptible to alterations, as has been observed in previous instances.

During the recently concluded Build 2023 developer conference, Microsoft unveiled a range of compelling enhancements for Windows 11. Noteworthy among these advancements are Windows Copilot, a cutting-edge feature, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities within the desktop operating system. During the event, Microsoft subtly indicated its ongoing development of a “next-generation Windows” operating system. This suggests that Microsoft is actively preparing to introduce a new iteration of its widely used Windows platform, potentially referred to as Windows 12.

In the course of a prominent keynote presentation, our keen observation led us to discern a screenshot featuring a video that contained explicit allusions to a session bearing the title “Next-gen of Windows.” The session in question has not been previously addressed, however, the explicit reference to “the next generation of Windows” implies that it may be an indirect reference to the forthcoming Windows 12.

In a previous instance, Microsoft made an indirect reference to a concept known as ‘Next Valley Prototype Design’, which serves as a representation of their forthcoming iteration of the Windows operating system. According to the findings of the company’s internal evaluations, it is probable that Windows 12 will introduce a visually distinct desktop interface accompanied by a novel functionality, namely a floating taskbar.


At the Microsoft Ignite conference held in 2023, an inadvertent revelation by Microsoft showcased a forthcoming iteration of their operating system, Windows 11, featuring a captivating floating taskbar. There has been speculation regarding the nature of the issue, with some suggesting it could be attributed to a conceptual flaw or a mistake made by the designer at the prominent technology company. However, it seems that this is not the case, as Microsoft is currently investigating the implementation of a “floating taskbar.”

Microsoft teases Windows 12 to come With floating taskbar design

The term “exploring” should be duly noted. Based on reliable sources, a particular faction within the next-generation Windows development team is contemplating the implementation of this design enhancement.

The new design of Windows 11 is substantiated by evidence that can be traced back to the preview builds. The latest preview builds have introduced a new feature that allows users to disable the system tray clock and date. This addition is in line with our previous reporting on the subject.

If the information circulating within the rumor mill is accurate, the anticipated wait time could potentially be significantly reduced. According to speculative reports, it is anticipated that the highly anticipated successor to the current Windows operating system, tentatively referred to as Windows 12, may potentially be unveiled to the public in the year 2024.

Based on insights from individuals knowledgeable about the ongoing development, it has come to light that Microsoft is actively enhancing the performance of Windows 12 specifically for ARM processors. Additionally, there have been indications of the inclusion of “deeply integrated AI features” within the operating system, distinct from the Smart Snap UI and Windows Copilot functionalities.



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