Medpac Medical Tablet In Backpack Launched
Medpod Medpac – Medical Tablet Computers

Henry Schein Medical and Medpod Inc., in a joint venture, have announced the release of Medpac Medical Tablet, a tablet application that exemplifies the usefulness of tablets in the medical field.

Their first high-tech medical backpack, the Medpac includes a tablet computer for remote diagnosis.

The tablet’s ability to host real-time video conferences with specialists, track patients’ vital signs, and wirelessly share this and other clinical data makes it a useful tool for facilitating remote examinations.

The Medpod team also provides real-time translation services in over 250 languages.

Medpac Medical Tablet Features

The medical backpack includes cameras with general/dermal/otoscope functions, a blood pressure monitor, thermometer, pulse oximeter, EKG, and spirometry, all of which can monitor and transmit the data, and a 17-inch or 12-inch tablet (the 12-inch is a Surface Pro) attached to a stand in the backpack that offers stethoscope monitoring through the 3.5mm audio jack.

The Medpac is initially marketed towards medical staff or patient care units due to the fact that its use requires some level of medical training or expertise.


However, Medpac serves as a wonderful reminder of the many positive applications of tablet computers.



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