macOS Ventura
macOS Ventura

The next operating system for Mac devices, macOS Ventura, was unveiled today at Apple’s WWDC conference. Mail, Quick Look and Safari are all getting updates. New features such as Stage Manager, Continuity Camera, and Passkeys were also demonstrated.

macOS Ventura Features


MetalFX Upscaling will also make gaming performance more capable and even allows macOS to run Resident Evil Village, which is coming to the platform later this year.

Stage Manager

macOS Ventura introduces Stage Manager, which allows the user to bypass much of the clutter that comes from having many tabs and windows open at once. Once Stage Manager mode is activated, all of the user’s apps will remain on the left side of the screen as they work on their primary page. If they need to access that page, they can click any shown tab group on the side to move something front and center.

Quick Look

Quick Look allows the user to take a sneak peek at documents and images on their operating system without having to open the file itself. This can also be used on the internet, allowing them to get surface-level information through Spotlight about actors, companies, recipes, and more.

Improved Mail

New updates are coming to Mail. Including the ability to undo a recently sent email, schedule an email to be sent at the perfect time, and remind the user to revisit an email later. The Mail’s Search is also receiving updates, like making each letter typed in the Mail’s search engine show relevant results.


Safari is also receiving updates, including shared group tabs which allow the user to jump into a tab with others. Safari will also be receiving updates to security with a “next-generational credential” called Passkeys. Passkeys are exclusive to the device and only used for whatever website it was created for, making it impossible for them to be phished or leaked. You’ll also be able to sign into non-Apple devices through your phone.

Changes are also coming to gaming. MetalFX Upscaling allows the user to increase the framerate and clarity. Resident Evil Village is coming to the Mac, even with high-quality textures.

Continuity Camera

Handoff is coming to FaceTime, allowing the user to swap between their iPhone and Mac while in the app. The introduction of the Continuity Camera also means the iPhone can double as the laptop’s webcam. It can be used with macOS Ventura and any macOS video conferencing app.

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