Apple MacBook Pro 2022 13-Inch

During the company’s WWDC 2022 address, Apple announced the new MacBook Pro 2022 13-Inch Model with the M2 processor. The new M2 processor that powers the Apple laptop replaces the previous generation M1 chip. Now, two YouTubers have claimed that the SSD in the M2 MacBook Pro is slower than the SSD in the M1 MacBook Pro. In the videos, at least one type of the new laptop is observed reading and writing data substantially slower than its predecessor. The YouTubers also opened the computers’ back panels to figure out why.

MacBook Pro 2022 13-Inch Model SSD Tests

YouTuber Max Tech has shared a video claiming that the SSD in at least one variant of the new MacBook Pro 2022 13-Inch Model powered by the latest M2 chip has significantly lower data read and write speeds compared to the previous generation MacBook Pro with the M1 chip. The YouTuber used the Blackmagicdesign Disk Speed test on the 256GB versions of both laptops, and the write performance of the M2 MacBook Pro’s SSD was 1,463MBps, compared to the 2,215MBps write speed of the M1 MacBook Pro’s SSD. The SSD read speed for the M2 MacBook Pro laptop was 1,446MBps, while it was 2,900MBps for the M1 MacBook Pro.

Another YouTuber Created Tech shared similar results from both the laptops. After testing the Apple MacBook computers, both YouTubers investigated why the M2 MacBook Pro’s SSD reading and writing speeds were slower than its predecessor. They each unlocked the back panels of their computers to compare the insides. They discovered that the MacBook Pro 2022 13-Inch Model with the M2 processor has only one NAND flash storage chip. The previous-generation model, on the other hand, included two NAND flash storage chips.

With numerous lanes, the read and write processes become faster because these NAND flash storage chips operate as a highway or lane for a user’s data to traverse. As a result, the lack of dual-NAND flash storage chips in Apple’s MacBook Pro 2022 13-Inch Model with an M2 chip might be a major cause of the performance reduction. According to the YouTubers, this might be a cost-cutting measure by the IT behemoth.

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