Join Google Pixel Watch Wear OS beta program to enhanced user experience

Alongside the highly anticipated debut of its inaugural proprietary Wear OS timepiece, Google has made waves in the tech sphere by unveiling an impressive tablet and an innovative foldable device. In light of recent developments, it has been confirmed that the esteemed official beta program is poised to undergo a significant expansion in the coming days.

Exciting news awaits tech enthusiasts as the highly anticipated forthcoming updates are on the horizon. Brace yourselves for the cutting-edge advancements, as the Pixel Watch is set to receive the much-anticipated Wear OS 4. This highly sought-after update promises to elevate the user experience to unprecedented heights, offering a seamless blend of style and functionality. Meanwhile, the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet are not to be left behind, as they are poised to embrace the transformative Android 14.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of innovation and possibilities as these devices embrace the future of technology. Google’s highly anticipated future endeavors have been shrouded in secrecy, leaving tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting any tidbits of information. While concrete dates remain elusive, astute individuals who have delved into the depths of source codes have managed to glean some intriguing insights into what Google has in store for us. In a noteworthy development, Google has recently revamped its terminology to encompass a wider range of devices under the Pixel brand. This move signifies a departure from the previous practice of exclusively referring to Pixel devices as phones.

It is worth highlighting the fact that Google has been providing a beta program for Android, catering to the needs of tech enthusiasts and early adopters. This program enables owners of the latest Pixel smartphones to effortlessly access and install the most recent test version of the operating system over the air. When delving into the realm of beta versions, it is crucial to bear in mind the inherent possibility of encountering glitches and the potential unsuitability for day-to-day utilization.

“Wear OS Beta Program” appears in the page source of with two devices:

  • Google Pixel Watch Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Google Pixel Watch 4G LTE + Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

The sign-up process will presumably be identical to phones and involve just clicking an “Opt in” button for your watch with the OTA soon following.

Notably, the “Your eligible devices” section recently rephrased things so it reads “Android Devices” instead of “Phones.” (That makes way for the Pixel Tablet and Fold, which will presumably arrive with Android 14 Beta 4.) We expect a new carousel/section for Wear OS when that Beta Program launches.



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