The Action Button is a highly regarded feature found in the iPhone 15 Pro models. By default, users have the ability to assign a singular function from a selection of eight preconfigured options. However, there is a workaround available that allows users to set multiple actions on their device. Continue reading to learn how to accomplish this.

The default presets feature includes a valuable function that empowers users to conveniently choose a Shortcut from within the Shortcuts app. Thanks to the implementation of this preset, numerous developers have introduced innovative Shortcuts. As a result, our esteemed colleague Federico Viticci from MacStories has recently developed a novel third-party shortcut. This shortcut empowers users to assign multiple actions to the Action Button of the iPhone 15 Pro.

How to Assign Two Functions to iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button

iPhone 15 Pro: Multiple Actions at Once with the Action Button
  1. First things first, you need to download the MultiButton Shortcut.
  2. While setting up the things, you need to enter the names of the Shortcuts that you want to run, like if you want to open an app, then simply type Open Camera.
  3. Tap the Add Shortcut button.
  4. In the next step, open Settings and select Action Button.
  5. Swipe right and select the Shortcut option, in the below selection menu, select MultiButton shortcut.
  6. Once done, long-press the Action Button.
  7. If prompted, give access to the required permissions. Once all done, you can start using the shortcut.

Upon activation, the initial shortcut will be triggered, assuming the user has designated the first shortcut as “Open Camera.” Consequently, the camera application will be launched. To initiate the second shortcut, simply press the Action Button once more. As an illustration, you have the option to designate Instagram as the second shortcut, enabling you to swiftly share the recently captured photo. As previously stated, there exists a concise time frame, initially configured to 7 seconds but with the flexibility to be modified up to 42 seconds.


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