iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap
iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap

iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap and other features were included in the new update, Apple has revealed two new capabilities for the M1 iPads that will be included in the future iPadOS 16 upgrades. This contains both the Stage Manager and the virtual memory swap features. While all three M1 iPads will include these functions, the lowest model of the iPad Air 5th generation will not have an iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap.

The iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap is simply a page file, which is a reserved section of the device storage that may be utilized as virtual memory when the device’s system memory runs out. If a highly demanding application demands it, the virtual memory swap functionality in iPadOS 16 can reserve up to 16GB of storage space for use as system memory.

iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap limits 

Apple has opted to limit this functionality to devices with at least 128GB of built-in storage due to its memory-sensitive nature. This is not an issue with the two iPad Pro versions, which both have 128GB of storage. However, the 2022 iPad Air 5 only has 64GB of storage as standard, therefore that type will not include this capability, which will only be accessible on the 256GB variant.

This, however, contradicts Apple’s stated justification for not implementing the Stage Manager capability on non-M1 iPads. Aside from taking use of the M1’s enhanced performance, Stage Manager also makes use of the 8GB RAM and the iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap capability to load and run many apps at the same time.

Some have questioned the need for the M1 to run this functionality because the base iPad Air 5 does not have an iPadOS 16 virtual memory swap but still includes Stage Manager. Of course, the performance disparity between the M1 and the A14 utilized in the iPad Air 4 remains, but a more restricted version of Stage Manager might have been available on the previous iPads.

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