iOS WhatsApp New Setting Interface

iOS user is getting WhatsApp New Setting Interface. It has been rumored that WhatsApp will soon update the look of the app’s preferences menu. The most recent update from the company has just been made public at this time. However, the update is still in beta and can only be accessed through the TestFlight app for the time being.

According to Wabetainfo, This revision improves the setting interface by making all available options easier to understand. It introduces not only a brand-new user interface but also an incredible new function. This revision completely revamps the configuration page. The most immediately noticeable modification is the relocation of the settings tab to the top left corner, which has been replaced by a new account called “You,” which prominently features the user’s profile picture.

iOS WhatsApp New Setting Interface update V23.17.1.70

The WhatsApp New Setting Interface’s most intriguing new feature is the ability to quickly switch between accounts by simply long-pressing the You tab when using iOS’s multi-account feature. A new profile picture will appear in the middle of the top of the settings interface. Its previous location was up on the right. The user’s QR code can now be viewed and shared via a shortcut over the user’s profile picture.

The profile, privacy, and contacts tabs have been moved to a new location below the profile picture for quick and easy access to these features.

iOS is the version number for this WhatsApp New Setting Interface update, which has now been released. The update can be found on the TestFlight beta app. It’s hoped that the public will have access to it soon.


In light of user feedback, we have updated the settings page to give it a cleaner, more modern look that better meets their needs.



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