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iOS 17’s Best Secret Features

Apple added many cool iPhone features in iOS 17. The top ones include improved daily tasks, personalizing phone calls with contact posters, message improvements, a new way to share and view locations, new and improved FaceTime, interacting contact cards, and stickers, viewing the most useful information in Standby while your iPhone charges, and more.

Some interesting features are hidden and unannounced, in addition to the ones listed above. You can only get these new features and enhancements with the latest iOS version. Some of iOS 17’s best-hidden features are listed here.

List Of iOS 17 Best Secret Features

Lock your private tabs in Safari:

You can conceal your online identity and movement through the web by using the “private browsing” feature. If you’ve opened Safari tabs in private mode, they won’t disappear when you end your session, and will continue to take up space in your browser until you manually close them. That’s right; if you lose your phone, it’s game over for your right to privacy on the internet.

Thankfully, with the iOS 17, you will now be able to place a lock on your private browsing section on your Safari. To do so, just head to Settings >> Safari >> scroll down and tap on the Require Face ID to Unlock Private Browsing toggle. Now, while accessing Safari’s Private tabs, you must need a passcode or a Face ID.

iOS 17's Best Secret Features

Automatically delete verification codes sent to you via text or an email:

Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires the user to enter a verification code received via email or text message before gaining access to the protected resource. So, it’s possible you’ll have a lot of them. You can delete them in bulk by selecting them, but iOS 17 provides a more convenient alternative.

Moreover, with the latest iOS 17, all your verification codes and OTPs will automatically be deleted. Here’s how: open the Settings app >> Passwords >> Password options >> then tap on the new Clean up Automatically toggle. So, the text message or email with the verification codes or OTPs will automatically disappear shortly once you insert them with Autofill.

iOS 17's Best Secret Features

Using Apple Maps offline to navigate:

Is this your first time using Apple Maps without an internet connection? The short answer is no; Apple Maps cannot be used without an active internet connection. With iOS 17, however, you can save an offline map and use it to get directions even when you don’t have network coverage.

In Maps, tap your profile photo at the top right of the navigation window and go to Offline Maps. Depending on where you drive most, you may see a suggested map for download. You can also click Download New Map, type in a city, manually adjust the map if necessary, and download it to your iPhone.

Interacting widgets on the Home Screen:

Apple has brought up several interactive widgets to your iPhone, letting you control your applications directly from your home screen. But now the widget numbers have been decreased, and If you still want to add one of the widgets to your home screen, then you need to Press on a space on your home screen in order to enter the Edit mode. Now click on the “+” sign at the top right and then scroll through the list of widgets and choose your desired one.

iOS 17's Best Secret Features

Using the Zoom feature in Photos:

With iOS 17, cropping a screenshot or image in the Photos app is even simpler than before. A new Crop option will appear in the top right corner of a photo when you zoom in on it. When you use this function, you’ll go straight into edit mode, where you can fine-tune the crop as much as you like, and when you’re done, you can hit the Done button.

iOS 17's Best Secret Features


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