Support Face ID in Landscape Mode
Support Face ID in Landscape Mode

Support Face ID In Landscape Mode is now available on compatible iPhones and ipads. On Monday, June 6, Apple unveiled iOS 16, its next-generation operating system, at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022 main event. Several elements of the next operating system were revealed by the Cupertino corporation. However, it is unclear whether Face ID would operate in landscape mode on compatible iPhone models running iOS 16. This functionality is already accessible on iPads. In related news, according to a recent report, iOS 16 will allow users to use third-party apps for two-factor authentication.

Apple revealed iOS 16 at yesterday’s WWDC presentation, which includes, among other things, a substantial revamp of the Lock screen. Face ID will operate in landscape mode on “compatible iPhone models,” which was not stated on stage.

It’s unclear what those are at the moment; it may be as easy as “anything but the SE,” or there could be limitations that prevent older models with Face ID from receiving support. This will become evident as the release date of iOS 16 approaches.

Support Face ID in Landscape Mode
Support Face ID in Landscape Mode

According to the iOS 16 preview website, when the iPhone is tilted horizontally, users will be able to make payments and do other things with Face ID. For the time being, Apple iPhone owners must ensure that their device is in portrait mode in order for Face ID to function properly. Furthermore, MacRumors reports that the built-in Passwords feature in iOS 16 will support third-party authentication apps. Users will be able to use apps like Google Authenticator or Authy instead of the built-in iCloud Passwords & Keychain capability to obtain two-factor authentication codes.

Landscape mode, by the way, will function for everything that Face ID is used for, including signing in to websites and approving purchases.

Landscape Face ID is not a new feature; it has been supported by some iPads for years. But not iPhones, so this is still a good chance.

Other announcements from yesterday’s event, including improvements to iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, new Macs, and more, can be found in our WWDC wrap-up.

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