apple carplay

During this year’s Apple WWDC 2022, the firm unveiled a slew of new CarPlay capabilities that would be available when iOS 16 is released. One of the benefits mentioned is an easy way to pay for petrol at a gas station.

We now have a few more facts about the amazing functionality, thanks to Reuters. For openers, the functionality will initially be offered exclusively in the United States, with HF Sinclair being the first gas station chain to hop on board. They operate around 1,600 stations across the country.

Fuel applications are the latest in Apple’s ongoing effort to make it easy to buy directly from the navigation screen. It has already included applications for parking, charging electric vehicles, and ordering meals to CarPlay, and it is also adding driving task apps such as recording miles for work trips.

According to an HF Sinclair spokeswoman, consumers will need to download the company’s app, enter their payment information, and then pay via the car’s infotainment system. The functionality will most likely be available after September when iOS 16 is expected to be launched.

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