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iOS 14.6 RC and iPadOS 14.6 RC are now available from Apple.

For iPhones and iPads, the Release Candidate version of iOS 14.6 RC and iPadOS 14.6 RC are now available. This happened less than a week after the previous iOS 14.6 Beta 3 update. As we discussed last week, the next release candidate will be based on the build number. Apple has launched iOS 14.6 RC and iPadOS 14.6 RC for beta testers, which comes as no surprise. While it isn’t as significant as iOS 14.5 in terms of updates, it is also worth noting. More information on the iOS 14.6 RC and iPadOS 14.6 RC patches can be found here.

The Release Candidate, or Golden Master as it was formerly called, is the same upgrade as a stable install. It is only available to beta testers and is launched a week before the public stable version. Apple also revealed today that spatial audio and lossless audio would be available to Apple music customers beginning in June. Changes to the latest Hi-Fi audio streaming was included in iOS 14.6 Release Candidate and iPadOS 14.6 Release Candidate.

iOS 14.6 RC and iPadOS 14.6 RC are now available

In addition to iOS 14.6 RC and iPadOS 14.6 RC, Apple has released macOS Big Sur 11.4 RC, tvOS 14.6 RC, and watchOS 7.5 RC. That will be heavier than gradual beta updates when the update is the same as the stable version. Both builds would have the same build number, 18F71, as the public stable build.

What’s New in iOS 14.6 RC and iPadOS 14.6 RC?

The Spatial audio and Lossless audio support are the key features of iOS 14.6 RC. Users will be able to use it beginning in June. Apple Music customers would have access to it at no additional expense. If you’re already a subscriber, this option will be available on your smartphone soon. Since the introduction of this update, several songs will follow both features, but Apple will continue to add songs that support all features.

Under the information for certain songs in Apple Music, you’ll see an icon that says Apple Digital Master. This is often related to lossless audio and spatial audio.

Under Settings > Music, there have been several updates to the choices. Under Cellular Streaming, you’ll see improvements in the location of Music Settings, as well as a new feature for High Performance.

Apple Card Family networking, Podcasts subscription, AirTag, and Find My have all been updated. As is customary, the upgrade also addresses a number of vulnerabilities that were present in the previous version.

Download iOS 14.6 RC and iPadOS 14.6 RC

For the time being, developers will download the iOS 14.6 Release Candidate and iPadOS 14.6 Release Candidate. However, we should expect it to be released for public beta testing in a few hours or the next day. To manually search for updates, go to Settings > Software Update. If an upgrade is available, select Download and Install.

Users who are on the most recent public version of iOS 14.5.1 who wish to try the Release Candidate must manually install the upgrade. However, I suggest delaying the public release for another week. However, if you wish to try, you can download the new beta or Release Candidate by installing the beta profile on your iPhone or iPad.

Install iOS 14.6 Beta Profile and iPadOS 14.6 Beta Profile

  1. Visit the Apple Beta Software website.
    Then, if you have an Apple ID, scroll down and press Sign in.
    Find the right operating system for your devices on the next tab, such as iOS 14 or iPadOS 14.
  2. Scroll down to Getting Started and choose to Enroll your iOS software from the drop-down menu.
  3. You must now install a profile from the following page. To do so, choose Download Profile from the drop-down menu.
  4. Restart your computer after downloading the Profile. And now your iPhone is set to run iOS 14.6 Release Candidate.

You will install the latest update on your iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > Software Update after downloading the beta profile. You can also use Finder or iTunes to install iOS 14.6 Release Candidate with the entire IPSW zip.

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