Instagram Notes Now Allow You To Record Selfie Video & Share

Instagram has revealed that it is developing a new tool that will allow users to convert their own images into stickers. In addition, it has returned with brand-new testing aimed at improving the ‘Note’ experience for its customers. A new tool that allows users to “post selfie videos in Notes” is now in testing on Instagram. Let’s examine this report in detail.

Adam Mosseri claimed in his post notes that Instagram is working on a new feature that will allow users to upload selfie videos;

The option to upload selfie videos to Notes has entered testing this week, so keep an eye out for updates. A brief, looping movie will soon replace the current default profile photo in Notes. An accompanying quiz will still allow you to voice your opinion on the video.

This remark makes it very evident that the firm will soon roll out a new feature that will allow users to embed selfie videos into their notes. Users will also be granted the ability to replace their static profile picture with a video loop in Notes.

Instagram Notes: Now and Future

At the moment, power users can only communicate with one another by posting songs and thoughts on their notes. Now when you press the note, you’ll be sent to a separate interface where your profile image will be front and center, and you’ll have the option of either penning your thoughts or sharing some music with the world.

However, after the beta period is finished, users will be able to add videos to their notes, perfect for sharing those hilarious selfies. Then, a video camera icon will appear next to the user’s profile photo in the note’s user interface, allowing them to film self-portraits.

This function is still being worked on, and users will soon be able to embed videos of themselves taking selfies into prominent notes.


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