How to Check My Glo Number (New 2020 Method)

This Tutorial is for Glo customers who find it difficult to call or resite their phone number off-hand. In this tutorial today we hope to help you guys with the two (2) new methods to help reveal your phone number.

Check Your Glo Number (New 2020 Method)

Reason to know My Phone number without premeditation or preparation

  • After purchasing a Glo SIM card, your 11-digit number can be found at a very noticeable area on the SIM pack. However, It doesn’t make any sense to go around holding a SIM pack in your pocket.
  • Many carriers (network) do not assign a working phone number to the SIM card until it is activated. When you buy a brand new SIM card, it might not have any number at all. Once it gets activated that’s when it can be used for any activities.

You can use any of the two (2) methods below to get it done

Method 1. Running a simple USSD code.

Method 2. Download and activate Glo Self Care App

Check My Glo Number (Method 1 USSD code)

This method has been tested and works for any kind of smartphone, as long as it a dialer to enter the USSD command *135*8#

Once you dial the USSD code your mobile number will be displayed, followed by a message sent to your inbox to describe the info you got from the USSD command.

Check My Glo Number (Method 2 Download and activate Glo Self Care App)

For this tutorial to work you must have an active data bundle on your Glo SIM, then you check your phone number without needing another phone. All you have to do is simply download and activate the Glo Self Care App from any of the vendors below:

Download Glo Self Care App from android platform

Download Glo Self Care App from ios platform

Once downloaded you will find your phone number next to your profile in the app.

Let us know in the comment box if you are facing any difficulty to reveal your phone number with any of the methods above, I will be glad to help out.

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[*] Caution: Method 1. USSD code is a manual method and can be performed on any device, whether internet-enabled or not

[*] Method 2. This method needs a smartphone that is internet enabled, for it to work. and requires an active data bundle

[*] Android Firmware: We have different categories of smartphone firmware on our Android firmware page.

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