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How to use Samsung Quick Share on Windows PC

How to use Samsung Quick Share on Windows PC

The Samsung Quick Share is now accessible on PCs. Yes, it is now available on Windows PCs made by manufacturers other than Samsung. As this feature is still new, you may be seeking a guide on how to utilize it. Here is a guide on how to use Quick Share on a Windows PC.

The sharing capabilities among Android devices have significantly improved over the years. However, it does not compare to the quality of Apple Sharing. This is because the majority of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) do not possess their own ecosystem.

Samsung has developed its own ecosystem, and within this ecosystem, Samsung Quick Share is a highly effective sharing tool that facilitates seamless sharing between multiple Samsung devices. For example, it is easy to share files between a Samsung laptop and a Samsung phone.

Samsung Quick Share is a sharing system similar to Nearby Share, but it is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy devices. It is now also accessible on all Windows PCs. Yes, the functionality is only available if you have a Samsung device on at least one end. It not only allows you to share files between two devices but also enables you to create temporary links that can be shared with others.

How to share files using Samsung Quick Share on Windows

If you have used Nearby Share on Android, Samsung Quick Share also works almost the same. But the process is a bit different if you want to share files between a Windows PC and another Samsung device.

Download Samsung Quick Share for PC

Quick share is available on Galaxy devices by default but not on Windows devices. And so first you need to download Quick Share on your PC to use the feature.

  1. Open Microsoft Store on your PC.
  2. Search for Quick Share. Open the matching result which will have a blue icon. Or you can jump to the download page from here.
  3. Tap the Get button to install the Quick Share on your PC.

You can sign in with your Samsung account if you want some extra features. However,, it is not mandatory to log in. The sharing works without any issues even if you don’t log in.

Send Files from a Windows PC using Samsung Quick Share

Let’s start with the method that includes sending files from a PC and receiving files on a Samsung device.

  • Step 1: Open the Quick Share on your PC. Also, make sure both devices have WiFi turned on.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and in the Quick Settings panel, make sure Quick Share in enabled.
  • Step 3: Now on the Quick Share app on your PC, drag and drop the files you want to share directly into the found devices. You can also right click on any file and click share with Quick Share.
  • Step 4: The app will now search for nearby devices with Quick Share support. Tap the device icon to which you want to transfer files.
  • Step 5: On your other device accept the sharing by tapping Accept. As soon as you accept the prompt the sharing will start.

Wait for the completion. And once finished you can view the file on your phone.

Send Files to Windows PC using Samsung Quick Share

Now if you want to send files from your Galaxy device to a Windows PC, you can follow this method. The process is the same, but still here’s the complete step.

  • Step 1: Make sure the Quick Share is installed on your PC and its WiFi is enabled.
  • Step 2: Now open the Quick Share app on your PC. Also make sure Quick Share is enabled on your Phone.
  • Step 3: Go to the file that you want to share, then tap Share followed by Quick Share option.
  • Step 4: Now it will look for Quick Share devices available nearby. When you see your PC, tap it.
  • Step 5: In case you see a prompt on your PC, tap Save, and the sharing will begin.

Wait for the sharing, and after completion, you can view the file on your PC.

How to Locate Files Shared with Samsung Quick Share

In case you can’t find the files shared through Quick Share, you can look at the locations mentioned below.

On Galaxy Phone: Internal Storage/Download/QuickShare (this is the default location)

On Windows PC: C:\Users\username\Downloads\Quick Share

These are the default locations which means if you have not done any changes in Quick Share settings, then you will find shared files in these locations. You can also check the folder location from Quick Share settings.


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