How To use Realme UI 4.0 Sleep Capsule

The Realme UI 4.0 Sleep Capsule feature is the new amazing feature under the Realme Lab. This feature allows you to restrict your device’s use during the ideal time for sleeping that you set for this feature. In other words, it restricts your phone use for better rest and sleep. It also lets you block all data usage during a specific time period.

You can also add some apps to the app allow list if they are necessary; this feature allows only apps on the allow list to be available during downtime. In addition, you have only three chances every month to lift the limits placed during downtime by forcing your phone to restart. Also, this feature comes with many customization options.


When you turn on this feature, you cannot go back to the normal interface until the downtime is complete; even if you restart your device, it will not turn off. Hence, the company offers a default active time of 1 hour.

Realme UI 4.0 Sleep Capsule:

Sleep Capsule application has an update with version 1.13.8 and an updated package size of 8.76 MB. The new update brings fixes to enhance stability and performance. You can install the latest update via App Market or download it directly from the link mentioned below.

Download Link:

How to enable Realme UI 3.0 Sleep Capsule:

  • Go to the device’s Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Realme Lab
  • Select the Sleep Capsule
  • Here, turn on Toggle.

Customize Realme UI 3.0 Sleep Capsule:

  • Go to Sleep Capsule
  • Tap on the + button icon
  • From here, customize Sleep Capsule from the following options;
    • From; Start time
    • Duration; you can choose 1 to 6 hours duration time for how long it will be enabled.
    • Repeat: You can choose whether you want to repeat this same duration of Sleep Capsule Every Monday or a specific day of the week.
    • App allowlist; with this option, you can select the application that will be available during the sleep capsule by turning on Toggle.


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