Best Way To Use Realme UI 4.0 Quick Launch Feature

Realme launched the new Realme UI 4.0 custom skin and the all-new Android 13-based operating system. Realme UI 4.0 introduces a number of new features and customization possibilities for your smartphone, one of which is the Realme Quick Launch feature.

 Realme UI 4.0 Quick Launch is a one-of-a-kind feature that lets you add various programs and function shortcut buttons to your lock screen. With the shortcut function, the Quick Launch feature combines the five shortcuts that help to do things efficiently and quickly. This functionality also allows you to categorize these shortcuts based on their needs and preferences.

To access apps and controls when the screen is locked, simply touch and hold the fingerprint sensor until the correct icons display. Slide your finger to an icon without lifting it from the screen.

Additionally, your fingerprint can be used to unlock your phone even when the screen is off thanks to the “quick launch” feature in Realme UI 4.0. Keep your finger on the sensor after unlocking the phone to bring up a list of options. If you hold down your finger and slide it over the appropriate app icon, the app will open when you release it. Tell us how you plan to activate the Quick Launch function in Realme UI 4.0.

How To Enable The Realme UI 4.0 Quick Launch Feature;

  1. Open Settings app
  2. Then go into Special features 
  3. Here, Select the Quick launch
  4. Then turn the toggle on

Customize Realme UI 4.0 Quick Launch Feature:

After the Turn on Quick Launch toggle, you will see the Edit menu to add new apps and functions.

Tap on the Edit option: Here, to add another new app or feature, one app/function must be removed


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