How to use OnePlus Auto Launch Feature On OxygenOS 13

OnePlus provides numerous features to improve the device’s performance and stability. In addition, with its OxygenOS operating system, the company introduced the Auto Launch feature. The current version of many smartphones is OxygenOS 13, so we are discussing the Auto launch feature in the OxygenOS 13 operating system.

OnePlus Auto Launch Feature:

The Auto Launch is the feature that helps you to improve the device performance, improve battery life, and optimize RAM and internal storage. When you disable the app in the Auto Launch, you do not receive notification in boot and background, and you will save phone power. If the settings turn on, you continue receiving messages normally.

With the help of this feature, you can choose such apps which you want to receive messages or notifications or not. OxygenOS 12.1 brings a simple way to disable/enable the Auto Launch application on your OnePlus smartphone.

How To Turn Off/On The OnePlus Auto Launch Feature

Firstly, go to Settings on your device and scroll down and tap on the Apps. Now select Auto Launch; from here, you can enable or disable the toggle of the particle application that you want to receive notification or not.


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