How To Use Meeting Assistant Feature on ColorOS 13

The meeting Assistant assists you in taking meetings, attending meetings, and more by assisting you in locking the other things that distract you during the session. All of your meeting apps, such as Microsoft team, Google Meet, Zoom, and others, will be in one place, similar to game space, and will help you make fewer mistakes while attending meetings.

Surprisingly, it manages all of the essential tasks that a physical assistant can perform for you. In addition, a feature is added in this feature that adds a shortcut to the OPPO Notes with the ability to float pop-ups.

We anticipate that this feature will prioritize meeting management and provide a fresh and new experience with error-free completion.

Don’t forget that colorOS 13 has tons of features that we will still discuss on this website, you can comment about the features you find interesting let’s discuss them.



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