How to Use Instagram on Apple Watch

Accessing Instagram, the most popular social media app, on your Apple smartwatch can be more convenient and entertaining. Instagram has millions of users all over the world. Instagram can be used on smartwatches, but the Apple Watch does not support this feature.

Apple Watch is to iPhone users what Instagram is to smartphone users: a great companion for sharing multiple events with friends and family. Despite Apple Watch’s many useful and intriguing features, there is currently no official Instagram app available for it. We have, however, made it possible for you to access Instagram on your Apple Watch.

How to get and use the Instagram app on your Apple Watch?

As was mentioned earlier in the article, the Apple Watch does not support the official Instagram app. The Apple Watch app is still available. The Lens app, a third-party service, is required for this purpose. You can access your Instagram account right from the Lens app. The procedures are as follows:

  • Install the Lens for Watch app on your iPhone through the App Store.
  • Open the Lens app, and select Login to Instagram.
  • You will receive a notification which says that Lens is not installed on the Watch.
  • Click on Ok.

On your iPhone,

  • Open the Apple Watch app.
  • Click on Lens under the My Watch menu.
  • Turn the Show app on the Apple Watch toggle.

Now, open the Lens app on your iPhone.

  • Log in to your Instagram account.

On your Apple Watch:

  • Open the Lens app.
  • Here, you will get various options such as home, profile, search, direct message, activity, explore, and more.



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