How To Use Google Pixel Buds Web App On Chromebooks

Google just launched the Progressive Web app (PWA), which debuted on Chromebooks and gives users more control over the customization of their Pixel Buds, alongside rolling out new and exclusive features to Pixel 8, including Conversation Detection, Hearing Wellness, and more. The Pixel Buds Web app can be used on Chromebooks in the following ways.

According to Google, the Google Pixel Buds Web Companion App for the Google Pixel Buds Pro is now available. ChromeOS users should go to and then Choose your Google Pixel Buds” from the dialog box in the upper left corner. It’s simple to install as a PWA, however it’s not yet linked from the system Bluetooth settings.You may alter earbud settings, switch noise control modes, and apply firmware updates from your Chromebook using the Pixel Buds Pro web app.

How To Use Google Pixel Buds Web App On Chromebooks:

Now, you will notice the following cards under battery life:

  • Active Noise Control: On/Off, Noise Cancellation, Transparency.
  • Conversation Detection
  • Multipoint
  • Touch controls

Then there’s an Equalizer to fine-tune your personal audio performances, with sliders for Upper Treble, Treble, Mid, Bass, and Low Bass. You can select from many settings such as Default, Heavy Bass, Light Bass, Balanced, Vocal Boost, Last stored, and save from the dropdown menu located directly beside the Equalizer.

You may now toggle between Mono Audio, Volume EQ, Volume Balance, and In-Ear Detection in the More settings option at the upper right corner. Google has also included firmware and device serial numbers in this section.

Furthermore, the option to update the Pixel Buds Pro without the need for an Android smartphone is a key feature of this online app if you use an iPhone but have a Chromebook. However, the Web app currently only works on ChromeOS; Google has stated that this may change in the future if you visit the page on another OS.

Google Pixel Buds Pro: Features

Here are some features of Google Pixel Buds Pro,

More clear voice calling: 

The Pixel Buds Pro are induced with AI smart to offer users a delightful audio experience. These earbuds now support Bluetooth super wideband on Pixel 8 series phones, which doubles the bandwidth for voices, making the sound fuller, clearer, and more natural.

Hands-free conversation starter

With AI, you don’t need to take out your earbuds for conversations. A new feature on Pixel Buds Pro, the conversation detection, allows you to switch easily to Transparency mode, which lets you hear all the conversation that has been said. While you stop speaking the feature automatically activates the Noise Cancellation.

Faster audio transmissions for gaming

The Pixel Buds Pro offers a more immersive as well as dynamic gaming experience. This is done by minimizing the inherent latency with gaming on Bluetooth.

Suggestions for hearing wellness

With the latest Pixel Buds Pro, you can quickly analyze and modify your listening habits, as well as receive recommendations on how to maintain your hearing wellness over time. You may view the record of your listening habits via the Pixel Buds Pro app, which will give you with information on when you should lessen the level while listening.


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